Azerbaijan is an amazing and unique country, located at the junction of two parts of the world - Europe and Asia, and this leaves an imprint on everything that you can see here. Arriving in Azerbaijan, you will have an excellent opportunity for acquainted with many historical monuments belonging to different epochs. This rock paintings in Gobustan, dating back to the XII-X millennium BC, and the monuments of Scythian culture (III-II millennium BC), and monuments of Albanian culture (IV in BC-XII century. ), and historical monuments relating to the Christian and Islamic period. Perhaps you just relax, having done shopping or visiting hotels and restaurants. Perhaps it will be a holiday in the mountains, resting on the blue sky, or rest on the shore of the warm Caspian Sea, the Khudat-Yalama seashore, famous for its thick, fresh forests, or on the seaside of Absheron ... But perhaps you are most attracted specialized tours designed for lovers of history, ethnography, hiking and horseback riding. Tours can be either group or individual.