Welcome to Azerbaijan!

Many argue, our country is still Asia or already Europe. We will not consider geographic subtleties, because Azerbaijan is Azerbaijan. Here you will find everything - echoes of more than 5000 years of history, temples and monuments, incredible nature, warm Caspian Sea and majestic mountains. And near - skyscrapers in modern cities and all the achievements of European civilization. Including MICE in Azerbaijan - where, if not in our country, should business tourism develop? We have all the conditions for this. Are you planning management meetings, or are you interested in conferences, seminars? Or do you want to provide a VIP tour for your managers?

In any case, welcome to Azerbaijan!

By organizing business tours, various events, we provide guests with full service, including various leisure activities. Inspection of historical monuments and attractions, visiting restaurants, picnics in the mountains or on the shores of the gentle sea, special tours for lovers of history, architecture, ethnography ...

Choose what you like, because MICE in Azerbiajan is not just gala-dinners, educational meetings or award ceremonies. This is all the wealth of impressions that Azerbaijan is happy to share.