MICE in Baku is not only management meetings, but also the sincere hospitality of the capital of Azerbaijan. It is not surprising that, if we consider MICE in the world, then Baku is considered one of the most attractive cities where you can easily organize any large-scale events, business meetings, luxury ceremonies of any format, and so on. Especially, if the MICE professionals from PARAMOUNT TRAVEL CLUB do it for you.

Why does Baku interest many people, because there is a developed MICE in Tbilisi, a no less developed MICE in Turkey or even a MICE in Italy? There are several reasons:
• Excellent infrastructure, the availability of modern sites, where you can hold annual meetings of directors, and large-scale awards ceremony.
• Visa-free regime for most of the CIS countries.
• Online E-Visa system for all countries.
• Developed and convenient logistics.
• Many opportunities for an exciting holiday - the beaches of the Caspian Sea, mountains, attractions.
• Unusually delicious cuisine.
• Rich high life.

In Baku, there is everything that you can want. And if you are planning team-building events, or you want to hold high-quality conferences and seminars - Baku is waiting for you!