Georgia – is the country, which has all prerequisites for development MICE tourism, primarily associated with the holding of business meetings, seminars and conferences.

Mountains of the Caucasus and the Black Sea coast. Ornate toasts, affability of local residents, holidays on a grand scale. Wine and shish kebab, cheese and fruits. All this is Georgia. A sunny country with an ancient and uneasy history is happy to welcome tourists. Here you can swim, and master skiing, and plenty to drink the famous "BORJOMI" ... or even much stronger fruits as Georgian vineyards. It is difficult to single out specific features here in Georgia.

In Georgia, there are over 10 thousand monuments of archeology, history, architecture. There are numerous historical documents, manuscripts and natural monuments.The city-fortress of UJARM (5th century), the METEKHI castle, the ANCHISKATI church, the ANAURI fortress, the fortifications of NAKALAKEVI, SHORAPANI and SKANDA, and the temples in KARTLI (V-VI centuries) serve as examples of Georgian architecture. The XI-XII centuries include defensive structures in DMANISI, SAMSHVILDA, BAGRAT churches in Kutaisi, Bolnisi Sion (5th century), JVARI(6th c.), SVETITSKHOVELI(11th c.) In MTSKHETA, cave city of VARDZIA (12th c.).