Turkey is a country with a developed economy, occupying a leading position in many sectors of production. Annually millions of tourists come to large industrial centers of Turkey to conduct business negotiations and conclude new contracts. World-renowned organizations hold conferences and symposiums in Turkey, to which employees from all departments come. To organize any event in the MICE format (be it a team building, quest, exhibition, conference), Turkey has all the possibilities for providing all of these nuances. In any part of the country, you will find excellent professional MICE venues that have in their arsenal exhibition centers, conference facilities, historical sights, sports complexes, restaurants. 

Turkish hotels represent the most favorable conditions for business tourism. The modern equipment of conference halls, the availability of instant translation systems and professional referents in combination with excellent service allow us to hold events at the highest level in Turkey.

We could not fail to note the rich and interesting excursion program that can offer in Turkey, an excellent beach holiday on the Black, Marmara, Mediterranean and Aegean seas. All this allows you to make making the business of your customers unforgettable and comfortable.
For example, for the group, you can create a program that begins in Istanbul, continues in Cappadocia, and then - on the Antalya or Aegean coast.